What is ChildSafe?

ChildSafe is Northern Colorado's only comprehensive outpatient treatment program for child and adult victims of childhood abuse, particularly child sexual abuse, and their non-offending family members. We don't discriminate, and we never turn away families because they lack financial resources.

The Beginning

ChildSafe was founded in 1986 out of a need for a comprehensive community-based response to child sexual abuse. Executive Director Valerie Macri-Lind remembers it this way: "We began the program with ten victims and their families as part of our private practices, and we soon realized that there were far more children and families needing this service than we had ever imagined...”. We now treat over seven hundred clients every year!


In 1998 the organization was converted to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so that we could pursue grant funding for the growing number of clients with limited financial resources. Since that time we have operated as a nonprofit organization governed by an active board of directors who provide oversight, governance, and fundraising.


Today, ChildSafe's operational staff includes an executive director, clinical director, seven full-time professional therapists with specialized training in treating trauma victims, clinical interns, a finance manager and billing coordinator. We have an annual operating budget of over $850,000.

Our services are partially funded through medical insurance, self-pay, and Victim Compensation. Grants, special events and individual donations help fund our sliding scale. We increasingly rely on these outside sources of funding as the number of individuals needing our help continues to grow. The impact of childhood sexual abuse on a family takes many tolls, often including a financial impact when families are disrupted. So far, the community hasn't let us down in supporting our mission.

Our Focus Is You

We at ChildSafe are proud that we can provide treatment for all those who need it, and that our programs continue to produce extremely good results (see Success Stories and Quotes for some examples). It's this record of successful community service that keeps all of us - the ChildSafe staff, board, and volunteers - enthusiastic in our support of this unique organization.

We commit to provide safe, responsive treatment, education, and recovery from childhood abuse, primarily sexual abuse, without prejudice or discrimination while respecting the personal dignity and worth of each individual.

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