Quotes About ChildSafe

Some quotations from people that ChildSafe has helped:

"[Child's name] is doing much better in all aspects of her life now compared to the beginning of therapy. She knows her emotions, likes and dislikes, and is back on track with her friends and school. [Therapist] really helped my daughter in ways that will last a lifetime."

"Never having been in therapy before, I didn't know what to expect. [Therapist] is so kind and gentle and understanding as she guided me through my journey. Thank you-thank you-thank you!"

"Daughter was having bad dreams before individual therapy and now reports none. She typically played the victim role with other kids who bullied her and now seems to have more balanced relationships. She also seems to more readily express herself in an appropriate manner."

"Thank you so much for everything! I was so scared and lost. With your help I feel I got my girl back."

"I love girls group. It's an amazing place to go." By an 8 year old girl.

"I am very happy with the outcome. Before [child's name] was throwing fits and I couldn't control or figure out what was going on. Now I know where her feelings are coming from and can understand more because she can voice them to me."

"[Therapist] has been the warmest, most caring, compassionate therapist I could ask for. I'm so grateful for her."

By an 8 year old when told that there would be no girls group the week between Christmas and New Years: "Can't you talk to someone to see if we could come and talk?"

"[Child's name] is going great and is so comfortable with [therapist] that I honestly don't what we'll do if she leaves or if we move. Thanks for everything."

From a 6 year old boy in response to the question 'How has ChildSafe helped you?' he wrote, "It helps be hise." He clarified to his therapist that he meant 'wise'.

"[Therapist] helped my daughter to understand that her feelings are okay. She was a great help in presenting healthy perspective which crosses over to other areas of daughter's life. The therapist especially helped my daughter to know that it was the right thing that she told someone what was happening to her. She helped daughter get in touch with her feelings and be able to deal with them on a deeper level. It is comforting to me that my daughter has a place to turn with trusted friends as she grows through her puberty. The foundation of the work she's done at ChildSafe is a strong support, both now and in the future should some issues arise in different forms as she matures."

"My son felt safe and overcame so many emotional troubles, his loss of his father and trying to understand why he is in prison. You all are so amazing and I have spoken to other mothers who are just beginning to deal with what I've been through and it helps to know that you'll be helping others through this too."

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