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If you have concerns about a child in your life, call ChildSafe at 970-472-4133.

If you have questions about a child's behavior and whether there may be cause for concern, call and speak to our Clinical Director, Val Macri-Lind.

Val can offer support and information that you can use in deciding if a child needs professional help. If ChildSafe isn't the appropriate place for you to get help, we can offer referrals.

If you suspect a child in your life is being sexually abused, The Hub, Larimer County's multi-agency hotline, is available to take your confidential report, 24 hours a day, at 970-498-6990.

If you're concerned about a child but don't know if you should make a formal report, call our Clinical Director and she can help you figure out what to do. She can talk to you about our services and what is likely to happen if you do report abuse or neglect.

ChildSafe therapists are Mandated Reporters, so if you give us information that a child is even suspected of being abused, we're required by law to make an immediate report to the Department of Human Services. But don't worry, they'll keep your identity confidential.

We're here to help you through this process by providing support, education, and therapy for you, your child, and your family.

If you know of a child who's being sexually abused, it's your responsibly to act. Call now!

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